Roland continues to look to legendary hardware for its AIRA line.

When Roland detailed the AIRA line earlier this year, they billed the hybrid System 1 as “plug out capable,” meaning it could control and host software recreations of classic Roland synthesizers.

The company has detailed its first such “PLUG-OUT” (all caps are theirs): a software synthesizer that reproduces the classic SH-101, “right down to the fine details and odd quirks that make it one of the most popular classic synthesizers of all time.” Press materials claim that it reproduces both the SH-101’s sounds and behavior with its Analog Circuit Behavior technology, while providing the “freedom of hardware but the flexibility of software.”

Take a look at the PLUG-OUT in action below and get the details here. The SH-101 is one of the synthesizers that shaped modern music, and it was used on everything from 808 State’s ‘Narcossa’ to Portishead’s ‘Mysterons’ to Joker & Ginz’s ‘Re-Up’. [via RA]



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