Roland’s much-discussed AIRA range will be premiered at the Brighton Music Conference on April 11-12.

Since a teaser video last month, fans have been speculating about the specifics of the AIRA range, which is effectively a reissue – or, as they put it, a re-imagining – of several classic Roland products. We already knew there’d be new versions of the classic Roland TR-909 and TR-808 drum machines, and it’s now confirmed that there will also be a new version of acid house’s favourite machine, the Roland TB-303. It will be called the TB-3. The most interesting part, however, is that the 808 and 909 has been merged into one machine, simply called the TR-8.

The Brighton Music Conference represents fans’ first chance to test out these new machines, as well as a new vocal transformer called the Roland VT-3 and a new 25-note synthesizer / controller hybrid called the System 1.

Update: we now have prices. The TR-8 drum machine will retail at $499, the TB-3 will be $299, the VT-3 will be $199 and the System 1 will be $599. There is at least an upside to going digital.

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And check pictures of the AIRA range below.







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