A good year for disco reissues – following the re-up of Loose Joints’ ‘Tell You Today’, Bumblebee Unlimited‘s classic ‘Lady Bug’ will be back on shelves this month.

The second in a series of audiophile reissues from Groove Line Records (the first was Donna McGhee’s ‘Make It Last Forever’, ‘Lady Bug’ was originally released in 1978 – featuring as a standalone single and on the group’s album Sting Like A Bee.

As with the original 12″, the John Morales and Frank Trimarco mix takes the A-side, though this time around Larry Levan‘s mix features on the B. The ‘Lady Bug’ reissue will be in record stores next week, remastered by Matt Colton.

Stream the original Morales/Trimarco mix above.



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