We’ll just come out and say it now: The Bug‘s forthcoming fourth LP, Angels & Devils, is, by some stretch, one of our favourite albums of 2014. 

Like most sane people, we’ve got plenty of time for Kevin Martin’s 2008 breakout London Zoo – a buoyant set of industrial ragga, with memorable guest spots from Warrior Queen, Flowdan and Killa P. His follow-up, though, knocks it into a cocked hat.

As the title suggests, Angels & Devils is partitioned into two halves: the shoegazy ‘Angels’ section, and the screwfaced, vocalled ‘Devils’ run. Synthesising grime, dancehall, dark ambient and trap, it feels like the fullest expression of the project yet, and boasts appearances from copeland, Death Grips, Gonjasufi and Justin Broadrick.

With the album’s good cop/bad cop structure in mind, we’re premiering two tracks from the record – one from the album’s gentler first half, the second from its monstrous back-end. Album opener ‘Void’ features a guest spot from Liz Harris, aka Grouper, whose ethereal vocals drift over a scorched-earth instrumental. The Manga-assisted ‘Function’, meanwhile, is the album’s biggest bruiser – an ultra-surly roller that eventually self-immolates in spectacular fashion. Peep below to stream the pair.

Angels & Devils due on Ninja Tune on August 25.



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