Ekoplekz announces his second album of 2014, Four Track Mind

The prolific Bristolian is back already with another LP on Planet Mu.

Ekoplekz has announced his second album of 2014, following the airy and melodic Unfidelity, which FACT’s Angus Finlayson dug enough to described as “a keeper” on its release in March.

Four Track Mind was largely spawned in the same sessions that produced his previous effort, as he hinted to FACT’s Joe Muggs in our wide-ranging interview with the producer earlier this year:

“I think Mike [Paradinas, label boss] is quite happy with how [Unfidelity] is going, so there might well be another Ekoplekz album for him. He’s still got all that other material I sent him, and I’m making more all the time – and he’s always saying, ‘Although I picked these tracks for this album, there’s still a lot of other ones I like,’ so we can do a different slant on the next one quite easily, take it down a different direction.”

Planet Mu now bills Four Track Mind as a companion piece that “presents a slightly wider selection of moods and ideas.” It’s a limited release, with just 300 vinyl copies and no CD version available, and it lands on August 18. Hear clips via Planet Mu’s website. [via RA]



01 Ariel Grey
02 Tantrikz
03 Meek Street
04 Interstice
05 Reflekzive
06 Death Watch
07 D’Vectif
08 In Teak Effect
09 Four Track Mind
10 Return To The Annex
11 Fox Eyes



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