It’s been ages since we’ve had a substantial offering from LA’s Nite Jewel.

It was 2012 when we last heard from her – with the excellent One Second of Love – and while Ramona Gonzalez has been cropping up on collaborative projects, her solo material has been sorely missed. It’s quite a shock then to see brand new full-length 29, which she’s put together under the pseudonym MAIA.

You can stream or buy it from Bandcamp right now, and unlike the Nite Jewel material, Gonzalez’s vocals have disappeared entirely. Thankfully her command of lo-fi synths and dusty John Carpenter-influenced rhythms is still intact, and being the suckers we are for this kind of sound, 29 is an easy sell. [via Exclaim]


01 Emerald Pool
02 Heavy
03 Quartz
04 29
05 Wonder Valley
06 Romantic
07 Mirage
08 Daylight



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