Physical Therapy and Renaissance Man team-up as Low Concept for Jack Dixon's White Asega; preview their debut EP

Daniel Fisher and Ville Haimala tone down their experimental streaks for a new EP.

As Low Concept, the pair do exactly what it says on the tin: stripping back the conceptual layers that mark their usual work (as Physical Therapy and Renaissance Man, respectively) for “straight-to-the-point, dance-floor tracks.”

Still, the bare-bones techno of their Bugz EP is not without some left-field touches: the title track finds the DJ looking down on the crowd and seeing a mass of bug-like dancers, and the interplay between the title of ‘The Prick’ and the voice that christens himself a “club freak” is certainly up for debate.

Preview the release below. Backing the originals are remixes by FACT mixer Alex Coulton and Jack Dixon. Bugz will be released on 12” and digital in September via Dixon’s pay-what-you-like label White Asega.



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