There’s a good reason why we’ve been so obsessed by Vancouver’s 1080p imprint in recent months.

Somehow, they’ve managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the overcrowded electronic music world, not by putting out a slew of 12″s from dead-cert artists we all know and love, but by discovering a new family of like-minded producers operating under their own set of rules.

The latest 1080p signing to come to our attention is Kiwi techno producer Mark Wundercastle who welds together swirls of Detroit techno with traces of New Zealand’s club scene (whatever that might be) on Cell. It’s absorbing, unusual stuff, and just the kind of vanguard oddness we’ve come to love and expect from the 1080p lot. You can hear the entire thing below, and buy it on cassette and digitally from the 1080p site.

If you fancy reading more about 1080p, FACT’s very own Chal Ravens picked five of her favorite releases from the label, and asked boss man Richard MacFarlane to talk us through each one – check it out here.



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