Listen to Tricky's gloomy 'Sun Down', featuring Tirzah

Another glimpse of Adrian Thaws.

Tricky will follow-up last year’s False Idols with his eponymous Adrian Thaws on September 8. We’ve already heard the electro-tinged ‘Nicotine Love’ and the abrasive ‘Lonnie Listen’, and his latest dispatch shows off yet another side of the Bristol veteran.

The gloomy, slo-mo ‘Sun Down’ surges like a spaghetti Western-gone-trip hop and features wonky pop singer Tirzah, who was brought in at the insistence of Tricky’s daughter (who appears on the album as Silver Tongue).

“She called me and said dad will you work with Tirzah,” he says. “That’s my daughter A&Ring me, which is cool as fuck.” Stream ‘Sun Down’ below.



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