Rollo Jackson's pirate radio documentary Tape Crackers gets well-deserved repress

Second chance to grab ace document of pre-internet fandom and pirate radio.

Made in 2009 by Rollo Jackson, Tape Crackers: An Oral History of Jungle Pirate Radio is a must-watch for junglists and rave historians. The documentary focuses solely on bedroom obsessive Michael Finch and his vast collection of pirate radio tape recordings made in the mid to late ’90s, with Finch offering his expert knowledge on each one. It’s not just about drum ‘n bass, it’s about a bygone era when serious fandom required real dedication.

The DVD has been impossible to get hold of for several years now, so we were made up to hear that Tape Crackers has been given a well-deserved re-press. “Lots of people over the last year contacted me about trying to get hold of this again and finally the repress is out,” says Jackson, who points UK fans in the direction of Honest Jon’s and US customers towards Ooga Booga.

Watch the trailer below and then catch up with the latest shots fired in this week’s battle of jungle war dubs, featuring Etch, Epoch, Sully, Mella Dee and more.




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