San Francisco’s Brandon Nickell preps a bumper EP for new West Coast imprint Ge-stell.

As boss of the influential Isounderscore label, Nickell managed to notch up releases from Concern, Nicholas Szczepanik, Acre and more, and now he decamps to fresh label Ge-stell (who debuted last week with a new 12″ from Dalglish) for his latest drop.

Skyline brings together a wide variety of his influences, fusing obtuse dance-influenced sounds with frenetic beats and tumbling hip-hop rhythms, but never losing that all-important sense of melody. You can hear two of the EP’s highlights below and check out a video for the epic title track, and hear exactly what we’re banging on about.

Skyline is due for release on October 14 on limited edition clear vinyl, via Ge-stell.


01 ­ Bayes (04:33)
02 ­ Norvig Trajectory (06:23)
03 ­ Quartz (03:30)
04 ­ Skyline (07:19)
05 ­ Tessellate (08:01)

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