Joel Ford samples classic '80s and '90s action thrillers for <em>Fugitive</em> album - hear the surging 'Breathe'

A new effort from the Driftless co-founder.

Joel Ford (of Tigercity, Airbird and Ford & Lopatin) will make his solo debut on the label he co-founded last summer with Patrick McDermott, Driftless Recordings.

Fugitive is a mini-album comprised of sampled-based techno made from classic action thrillers of the 1980s and 1990s. From early previews ‘Connection To’ and ‘Breathe’ (premiering below), it doesn’t sound miles away from the ice-cold output of his Ejecta project.

Ejecta — or perhaps more specifically vocalist Leanne Macomber — features on ‘Breathe’, which you can stream below. Fugitive is expected early next year via Driftless Recordings.



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