Dro Carey joins forces with Blank Mind label head Sam Purcell to form Mirror

Dystopian skankers are the order of the day.

The Blank Mind imprint has been operating since the back-end of 2011 and in that time the label’s sporadic output has become increasingly difficult to classify. Helmed by Sam Purcell, the label’s most successful release thus far was arguably last year’s excellent Goron Sound 12″ by Alan Johnson, an excursion into deft dread dubstep territory. In addition to some old school cuts by DJ Clent, Sam Purcell has also released work under the moniker Dance, such as the track ‘Heyvalva Heyvalva Hey’, featured on Airhead’s FACT mix.

The latest addition to the diverse Blank Mind catalogue is a collaborative effort from Purcell and Dro Carey. The pair join forces under the guise of Mirror, and deliver four foreboding cuts that exude the crunchy ominousness familiar in much of Dro Carey’s work.

Blank Mind will release BLANK006 by Mirror later this month. Preview the EP below.


A1. Trialone
A2. Trialtwo
B1. Trialthree
B2. Trialfour

[via Juno Plus]



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