Explore a timeline of the pioneering women in electronic music to mark Ada Lovelace Day

Nifty timeline highlights unsung contributions to electronica.

What with it being Ada Lovelace Day (that’s the 19th century mathematician who worked with Charles Babbage on the earliest computer prototype), The Vinyl Factory has shared an interactive history of women in electronic music.

Starting with Lovelace and finishing with The ADA Project, the timeline charts the visionary women whose experimentations with machines have defined and redefined the boundaries of music, including Daphne Oram (above), Suzanne Ciani, Laurie Anderson and Jin-Hi Kim.

This week The Vinyl Factory is exploring the theme of ‘machine music’ with a ton of unusual features, including a film on the first ever computer music compilation, a Conrad Shawcross podcast on the making of his dancing robot installation, techno DJ Ada’s top 10 records and more.



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