Cassie’s influential debut album to appear on vinyl for the first time

By , Oct 23 2014


The R&B queen’s only proper album is getting its first vinyl release.

Cassie’s self-titled debut from 2006 is a minimalist R&B classic that sadly stands alone in her catalogue due to her being lost in label/management limbo for so many years. She finally followed it up in 2013 with the patchier RockaByeBaby mixtape, but it could never live up to our expectations.

Cassie never did receive a vinyl release, so it’s great to hear that Be With Records – who specialise in reissuing unavailable material – are putting together an official pressing for early 2015.

The most thorough introduction to Cassie’s incredible underground oeuvre over the past eight years remains 2012’s unofficial Trilogy collection, a set of three mixtapes covering all aspects of the influential and oft-sampled vocalist.

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