Evian Christ is selling 500 pairs of boxers with his name on them

Three-packs available at next week’s Trance Party in London.

Evian Christ, entrepreneur that he is, has ordered 500 pairs of Calvin Klein-style boxer shorts to sell as merchandise. He didn’t mean to order 500 of them, but communication issues with the Chinese manufacturer resulted in a glut of classy boy-pants, which he then had to pay a hefty amount to retrieve from customs.

“The boxers were made in China; it was the most insane process because the guy barely spoke English,” he told Fader. “I didn’t really intend to make 500 but that’s sort of what I ended up with. Ideally I would have got 100. And then they got held up in customs in the UK, I didn’t realize you had to pay a huge customs charge, I had these boxers just like trapped. I had to declare that there were 500 boxer shorts with ‘Evian Christ’ on them. It’s been a real journey.”

The idea for the merch came after his girlfriend bought him a couple of pairs “as a joke for my birthday”, he explains. “And people started asking me how to buy them. And I was like, maybe I should make some – then, when I posted the photo on Twitter, The Guardian wrote an article about it, and it just kind of blew up for some reason. So yeah, it just kind of rolled from there and now I’m set with 500 pairs of boxer shorts in my studio with my name on them.”

Look out for the boxers, available in packs of three, at Evian Christ’s Trance Party next Friday at Corsica Studios, which features Nguzunguzu, Total Freedom and Mssingno.





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