P. Morris wants you to listen to <em>Beloved</em> with a friend

The LA-based producer returns with another interactive experience.

Earlier this year, Night Slugs / Fade to Mind associate P. Morris released his Debut mixtape as a series of interactive 3D environments which were designed by creative agency OKFocus. He’s re-teamed with OKFocus for his latest EP, Beloved, which is being served as a two-person, camera-enabled chat — think a color-tweaked Chat Roulette with a better soundtrack.

The interactive experience continues the EP’s narrative, which focuses on love, loss, and an individual’s journey through life with a partner. Musically, Beloved resembles an instrumental R&B album as produced by Trent Reznor.

Head to morrismakes.com and give the app a spin. Beloved is also streaming (below) and is available for purchase now.



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