It’s been a long time coming, but Joker‘s eagerly-awaited followup to 2011’s The Vision is ready for launch.

Entitled Mainframe, it’s described by Joker himself as markedly different from its poppy predecessor, and has been produced with the album listening experience in mind. “From start to finish the whole album is a story,” Joker tells us, “each track key changes and blends into each other. It’s like an emotional, grimey, cinematic, electronic, rnb-ish mindscape”

Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear what that might sound like and you can take a peep at the album’s enormous tracklist below, which features guest spots from Zak Abel, Sam Frank and Rochelle Perts (and instrumentals for those of you that just can’t stand vocals).

Mainframe is due for release on February 16 via his own Kapsize imprint.


1. Intro
2. Boss Mode
3. Wise Enough feat. Zak Abel
4. Midnight
5. An Intervening Episode
6. Lucy feat. Sam Frank
7. Scene 1 (Qo,noS)
8. Scene 2 (Neon City)
9. Scene 3 (Spirit Ruins)
10. Mahogany
11. Love feat. Rochelle Perts
12. Fuzz Bop
13. Mixed Emotions
14. Wise Enough Instrumental
15. Lucy Instrumental
16. Love Instrumental



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