Watch a human-sized synthesizer in action at RBMA Tokyo

A Japanese designer has unveiled an enormous synthesizer on the streets of Tokyo as part of RBMA’s month-long festivities.

The plainly named Human Sized Synthesizer was invented by Daito Manabe as an interactive instrument that everyone can have a go at, with basic touchscreens and palm-sized knobs for adjusting the sound. The synth “is designed for people to experience intuitively,” he says. “I wanted this to be very simple so kids can also have fun.”

Watch it in action in the video below, with luminaries like Carl Craig having a knob-twiddle and a group of Japanese musicians managing to wrangle a decent hip hop beat out of it.

Other unlikely instruments we’ve featured lately include an experimental synth that makes music out of vegetables and a device that lets you play a tune with coffee cups. For more synth fun, check our essential guide to The 14 Synthesizers That Shaped Modern Music.




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