Hear Autechre's live set from Warp's 25th anniversary show in Krakow

54 minutes of the trailblazing duo’s latest iteration.

In September this year, homegrown heroes Autechre celebrated 25 years of Warp Records by debuting an all-new live show at a label party in Krakow, Poland.

A full audio recording of the gig has now surfaced via DSPH, so you can hear exactly what the duo have been up to since the release of their eleventh album, Exai, in 2013.

Autechre’s Rob Brown gave a revealing interview to FACT last year on file-sharing, how he perceives the group’s legacy, the spectre of EDM and a lot more. If you’re after some guidance on how to approach Autechre’s imposing back catalogue, try FACT’s guide to The Essential… Autechre. [via RA]



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