Loefah's 'Midnight/Woman' 12" is on Discogs for £340,282,000,000,000,014,192,072,600,900,000,000,000 (plus shipping)

I.e. more money than exists in the world.

Macroeconomics isn’t a FACT specialism, but we reckon this Discogs seller has inflated the worth of his new purchase by just a smidge. Someone called Tyler00o is offering Loefah’s ‘Midnight/Woman’ 12″, the great lost dub that finally went on sale this morning, housed by the Because Heroique label and limited to a measly 300 copies, on the online marketplace for the tidy sum of £340,282,000,000,000,014,192,072,600,900,000,000,000.00. Plus shipping, of course.

Note: written in full, that’s three hundred and forty undecillion, two hundred anbd eighty-two decillion, fourteen sextillion, one hundred and ninety-two quintillion, seventy-two quadrillion, six hundred trillion, nine hundred billion. Really.

Good luck with that! Copies went on sale at London’s Honest Jon’s this morning, and Bristol’s Idle Hands will be expecting their batch later this week. The store even warned rabid customers not to turn up outside the shop this morning.




Update: The Discogs record is no longer for sale.

Maybe someone bought it? Maybe it broke Discogs view counter? More copies are already appearing on the marketplace though, with one priced at £200, another priced at £500 and the other at $666. Honest Jon’s stock sold out in 15 minutes.

Last year, we ran down 15 of our favourite lost dubs from grime and dubstep. Hat tip to Scott Wilson for spotting this one.



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