Producer ended 2014 with special show in his hometown.

Philadelphia’s King Britt had a solid year in 2014, with his debut album under the Fhloston Paradigm moniker, The Phoenix, its pièce de résistance. The album was released by Hyperdub in the summer.

In December the producer and DJ joined Kode9 and DJ Spinn in Japan for Hyperdub’s last tour of its year-long tenth anniversary celebrations. A few days before he presented The Phoenix in his hometown complete with live visuals from Mike Todd.

As Britt himself explains: “We waited for the right time to present this project in Philadelphia. With the album dropping in July, we felt we weren’t ready to present in our home. When the opportunity knocked for my favorite venue, Johnny Brenda’s, we knew it was time. Greatest way to end 2014.”

As for the visuals, Todd generated them in real-time using Max 7. “No video clips or presets were used during the performance. Several separate Max patches were run in parallel to generate the geometry and were sent out as Syphon sources. These scenes were mixed together into an effect chain within Ableton Live using VIZZable. Effects were controlled by several LFO objects running in Live and triggered with Mark Eats Sequencer running on a monome 40h. A monome arc 2 was used for manual control of parameters.”

See the result for yourself below. The Phoenix was one of the albums of the year for many of FACT’s contributors, and you can still read our review from last summer.



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