HMV reclaims top spot as Britain's biggest retailer of physical music

Following an overhaul after several torrid years, HMV has taken back its crown from Amazon.

The retailer has reclaimed its top spot as Britain’s biggest retailer of physical music, reporting a 1.5% rise in CD sales as well as DVD and Blu-ray sales. Vinyl sales, which passed the million mark in the UK for the first time since 1996 last year, were up a staggering 170%.

The Telegraph reports that, in the two weeks before Christmas, HMV accounted for a third of sales of CDs or DVDs in the country. The chain currently operates with only two-thirds of the shop space it had before its collapse and subsequent rescue in 2013 by restructuring firm Hilco.

Paul McGowan, chief executive of Hilco, said: “HMV has captured more and more market share in a year when major new movie releases have been scarce and there have been only a few major album successes.

“With a bumper year of new releases already planned for 2015 we expect to have overall growth in like-for-like DVD and Blu-ray sales as well as continued growth in the physical music sector with vinyl also expected to continue its revival.”

When HMV relaunched, McGowan promised a broader range of stock and a brand new digital store, as well as encouraging individual stores to pick their own stock and put on gigs.

The vinyl revival has encouraged more physical stores to open their doors in the UK, including new branches of Flashback Records and Sister Ray, and what claims to be the tiniest record shop in the country.



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