GABI announces debut album for Software, shares the angelic single 'Fleece'

Sympathy is due this spring and features production work from Oneohtrix Point Never.

Last fall, Software released the single ‘Koo Koo‘ by Gabrielle Herbst or GABI. Herbst’s operatically trained vocals would have been impressive untreated, but the way she wove and manipulated her voice, loop by loop, to construct the song’s complex web of sound was truly exciting.

Now Software has announced Sympathy, the debut album by GABI. The record was produced by label head Daniel ‘OPN’ Lopatin and Paul Corley, who helped produce and shape many of the recent works by Tim Hecker, Ben Frost, and Lopatin himself. To go with the announcement you can hear the lavishly orchestrated new single, ‘Fleece.’

Give it a listen below and look for Sympathy on April 7.



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