Gobstopper readies <em>Peace Edits Vol. 1</em>; Strict Face remixes Alice Deejay's 'Better Off Alone'

Mr. Mitch and company explore grime’s softer side.

Mr. Mitch‘s “peace dubs” were a reaction to the war dub clash that occurred in Summer 2013. “I couldn’t be bothered to try and compete with everybody who was flinging out dubs, so I tried to do something different with it,” he told The Quietus, “and in doing that I deconstructed a lot of famous grime beats – slowed them down, took elements of them and warped them in a way, and took the aggression out of them. I tried to work out what the essence of those tunes was, and pushed them in a new direction.”

That “new direction” continued on his free Peace Dubs Vol. 1 EP and throughout last year’s Parallel Memories, and now Mitch’s contemporaries are getting in the game.

Gobstopper’s long-teased Peace Edits Vol. 1 will be released as a 12″ white label on February 23. While we don’t have a tracklist yet, Sonic Router reports that Strict Face, Loom and Silk Road Assassins have edited songs by Kate Bush, Dru Hill, T-Pain and more. To tide us over, here is Strict Face’s melancholic take on Alice Deejay’s ’90s classic ‘Better Off Alone’.

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