Paris producer lends his dub expertise to liven up the dance.

Fresh from our list of drum & bass producers to watch in 2015, Moresounds kicks off the year with a remix for the Bad Taste label.

French Cola is Itoa‘s second EP, and his first for Bad Taste. It follows from Peng, released in 2013, which picked up support from Om Unit and Toddla T. The London-based producer taps into half-time drum & bass and tropical vibes across two tracks, with Moresounds, Touchy Subject and She’s Drunk all offering remixes.

According to the label: “French Cola” is not a drink. French Cola is what you’re drinking when you’re in the right situation, when you feel in a certain way. Not a single situation, not a specific feeling, but always the right ones. It’s many things but it’s never garish, never too much, always just right, always hits the spot.”

Hear the Moresounds remix exclusively below. French Cola is released on February 16.



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