Earlier this week, Diplo pulled a Diplo.

After using a GIF created by Brooklyn cartoonist Rebecca Mock, the super-producer responded to takedown requests with sexist and misogynistic taunts, as reported by FACT.

Mock tells Dazed that she “was never contacted privately by him or any of his people.” Dazed also linked to the semi-apology that Diplo made on Twitlonger. Here’s an excerpt of the wide-ranging post:

“@rebeccamock sorry if i hurt your feelings, or trivialize your art… lets go thru the steps to see where we are now.. so maybe I was posting music I’m working on.. i used a gif, and I recorded on a studio computer.. found out later that u made said gif (it was via google image search came up with Wifflegif.com and thats who posted your gif) and then u said it was hard to reach me on twitter.. but i saw it and i wrote u that it was only a snapchat where the gif was playing on my computer while i was working on the remix.. it never came over me that wifflegif.com was a site where artist have there gifs for sale or whatever.. i have no idea..


Was i an asshole? yes.. probably .. Is everyone else being an asshole .. yes but who cares we all live another day and we don’t have to always fight… did anyone get hurt.. i hope not .. i just want to make sure you know that i didn’t mean any negative feelings towards you (none of the “misogynistic” twitters even tagged you) and i have said much worse things on here. so maybe this is also a future apology to everyone on the internet who follows me”



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