Watch footage of the sound installation in Los Angeles that eventually became the powerful opener on John Wiese’s upcoming double album.

Next month Wiese will release his new album Deviate From Balance, his first in four years, and the 80-minute double LP looks set to make up for the gap in time with sheer ambition. Earlier this month we heard that Deviate From Balance contained scored pieces for up 20 musicians, as well as a piece originally presented as an installation in the garden of the Getty Center during a program called Friday Flights curated by Liars.

Now you can see footage of that piece which appears on the album in a longer form as the opener ‘Wind Changed Direction’. Wiese spoke to us about this piece’s creation and about making Deviate From Balance:

“The piece is a four-channel installation — in the video you can see that there are four speakers tucked discreetly around an alcove of the garden at the Getty Center. People could wander through or sit and experience it for a while. The elements cycled continuously, so it was always changing and never the same combination. There’s a number of pieces on Deviate From Balance that are from installations and some that are recordings of scored ensembles. I’ve been making work like that, almost primarily, for quite a while now, but it hasn’t been as well documented as some of my other work, so I wanted to cover it with this new album.”

Watch the video below and look for John Wiese performing solo during his long string of tour dates.

European Tour Dates:
02.25.15 — London, UK at Cafe OTO
02.26.15 — Dublin, Ireland at National Concert Hall
03.18.15 — Paris, France at Instant Chavirés
04.02.15 — Ghent, Belgium at Courtisane Festival
04.03.15 — Antwerp, Belgium at Stadslimiet — EXHIBITION (no concert)
04.04.15 — Basel, Switzerland at Plattfon
04.06.15 — Berlin, Germany at Rote Salon
04.09.15 — Rotterdam, Netherlands at TBA

US Tour Dates:
04.14.15 — Tempe, AZ
04.16.15 — Denton, TX
04.17.15 — Dallas, TX
04.18.15 — Austin, TX
04.19.15 — San Antonio, TX
04.20.15 — Houston, TX
04.21.15 — Little Rock, AR
04.22.15 — Louisville, KY
04.23.15 — Louisville, KY
04.24.15 — Cincinnati, OH
04.25.15 — Richmond, VA
04.26.15 — Philadelphia, PA
04.30.15 — New Jersey
05.01.15 — Boston, MA
05.02.15 — Western Mass
05.03.15 — Pittsburgh, PA
05.04.15 — Cleveland, OH
05.05.15 — Oberlin, OH
05.06.15 — Lexington, KY
05.07.15 — Indianapolis, IN
05.08.15 — Chicago, IL
05.09.15 — Detroit, MI
05.10.15 — Madison, WI
05.11.15 — Minneapolis, MN
05.14.15 — Seattle, WA
05.15.15 — Vancouver, BC
05.16.15 — Portland, OR
05.17.15 — San Francisco, CA



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