It’s also available as a “one of a kind, edition of one, etched dubplate.”

As we reported earlier this week, last night saw the premiere of Janus-championed producer Amnesia Scanner’s new ‘audioplay’ on PAN’s Rinse FM show. As expected, ‘Angels Rig Hook’ was probably the strangest thing the station’s ever broadcasted, a 15-minute blend of stream-of-consciousness spoken word, hi-tech club textures and futuristic sound effects.

News now arrives that ‘Angels Rig Hook’ will be the next release on Gum Artefacts, the label that gave us PC Music affiliate Felicita’s Frenemies debut last year. It’s also Amnesia Scanner’s first official release following last year’s killer AS LIVE [][][][][] mixtape, and will arrive on the ultimate in limited editions, a “one of a kind, edition of one, etched dubplate.”

According to the label the dubplate is being stored in the Gum Artefacts archive for the time being, but you can stream ‘Angels Rig Hook’ and read Jaakko Pallasvuo’s baffling script below. If you’re a fan of Lotic, M.E.S.H. or TCF, it’s essential listening.

Where is my mind?

An abandoned oil rig stands in for the garden of Eden. A garden is a walled space with vegetation. It contains encrypted knowledge of good and evil. 777 terabytes of data contained in a single gram of DNA. Wiping a tear off your cheek. Salty.

The ocean is grey. Makes you feel like there’s something wrong with it. What’s the word?
Mandate Tonic,
Dance Titan Om,
An albatross has swallowed an Evian bottle.
When 2 become 1.

Like all people, they contained multitudes. Like all situations, this was several situations at once. sometimes I looked away and ate peanuts and drank Club Mate. Sometimes I thought about what time it was. Then I was on the verge of tears. Then I laughed a lot.

420 Park Avenue
François Rabelais
Quake 7 Arena
Caiman Nearness
Arcane Sans Mine
Amnesia Scanner

In a taxicraft. Magnetic hover. Tunnels. Plebs light fires and roast stray cats. Taste memory of gnawing on stringy cat meat. Cats are mostly bones and fur. Memories of paper money, also on fire. Memories of diamonds. Rare minerals, tea bowls repaired with gold.
Kintsugi. Gnu I Kits. King Suit.
Nothing less than a 1000 years old.

Street view, upper level:
Gregorian monks in technical fabrics. Robes with mesh and intelligence. UV face tattoos glow in the dark. Yellow contacts, sharp fangs.
Monks are chanting:
Google Krishna,
Shrinkage Go Lo,
Angels Rig Hook,
Regal Kings Ooh,

Ice cream melting on his chest.
Handguns, rare butterflies. elaborate prison tattoo of a tiger in mid leap.
Augmented reality contact lenses.
Red bull energy drink.
Fleshlight. Shell fight.
Septum streched, thicker rings are more beautiful. chain on neck.
Bull ring on nose.
Fake lashes. AFK lashes.
Nails so long that these hands can no longer grab things.
Voice control override.
This could be us but you playin’

thunderdome anagrams

We’re gonna take everything before we secess. We need more weapons. Hi-speed Wi-Fi provided by drones is a given. Arab money in ciphered currencies. Treasure island. Buccaneers and buried gold.

A stream of more or less violent crimes.
What was violence again?

Floor 312. We’re there. I hand the driver a flake of skin and a fingernail.

The oil rig. A bird flies over. We extend our arm and stand completely still. Bird lands. Bird makes sound. Gently touch bird. It lets that happen. Bird says: ______________ . Identify bird: sparrow. Place filter on sparrow. Mosaic, turbulent displace, hue/saturation. Bird is simplified, jagged edges, orange for now.



Text by Jaakko Pallasvuo

Angels Rig Hook contains:
AS DeathCon Valley
AS Titan (ॐ)
AS Creeper
AS Exopsalm
AS Treasure Island
AS Oil Rigged
AS Seagullz

12” Dubplate
A: Angels Rig Hook (14:04)
AA: Engraving



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