Plus, we catch up with the London-based rhythm-maker.

Following up last year’s well-received debut album, Mo Kolours has assembled the How I (Rhythm Love Affair) EP, his latest exploration of his personal take on funk and soul, Mauritian sega music and the deepest of deep house.

The EP is due out on March 9 via longtime home One-Handed Music, and precedes another full-length album due out this year. Stream the EP — including two throwback-friendly, vinyl-only bonus beats — below. Plus, we caught up with the London-based producer about the EP and what’s to come.

What inspired the new EP?

Inspiration for the new EP seemed to come from all sorts of angles. Rhythm exploration, looped cycles, 70s soul, Sumerian tablets, up-tempo mindsets, roots of sound… drums and discos, along with many other topics, people, and general happenings.

How has living in London affected your life and music?

Living in one of the most diverse (in every sense of the word) populations on the planet, makes for a very interesting experience. It has affected my life in the best possible ways, I’ve met some incredible people, and I’ve had some great opportunities. I bug out crossing the Thames, reminding myself of where I am and what I am doing, fulfilling and pushing my ideas of what can be possible. But it is tough, grey, and cold. And an expensive slog. Since I live my music within this yin-yang, whirlpool city, the music is a product of this.

What should fans of your self-titled album expect this time around?

Expect something different and familiar.



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