Becoming Real finally bursts out of the chrysalis.

After heralding his return with a cassette release at the start of the year, Toby Ridler has announced his very long-awaited debut album on Transgressive.

Pure Apparition arrives two years after the Glasgow-based producer lost his almost-completed first attempt in a disastrous hard drive crash, and finds him bending his early grime influences into exotic new shapes while “venturing deeper into techno-orientated territory”, the label notes.

The first track to appear off the album is ‘Tibetan Moves’, which bumps along on scuffed hollow drums while eerie didgeridoo-like squelches ricochet off cartoon FX – it’s enjoyably off-kilter, so check it out below. The whole thing was mastered by the mighty Rashad Becker.

The album is pre-orderable now with ‘Tibetan Moves’ ready to download immediately – see the tracklist and rather nice artwork below.

Pure Apparition album artwork


01. Bleach
02. Sps 7
03. D.A.R.E.
04. Only In Real
05. Tokyo
06. Comet’s Pull
07. Tibetan Moves
08. The Deal Set Adrift
09. Rude
10. Kick Flip
11. Pure Apparition
12. Main Station Cables



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