R Minus Seven features a series of poems written in response to Daniel Lopatin’s 2013 album.

As part of a new online exhibition for the literary journal Rhizome, poet Melissa Broder recently debuted R Minus Seven, a collection of 10 poems inspired by each of the songs on Oneohtrix Point Never‘s brilliant R Plus Seven, one of our favorite albums of this decade.

Written in the ancient greek ekphrastic style, each poem creates an imaginative visualization inspired by each of R Plus Seven‘s songs. It’s an appropriate pairing, too. Though Broder has published multiple books, she is best known known for her Twitter page — short bursts of funny, surreal, and touching micro-poems which often find their way into her published work later on. That context feels complementary to Lopatin’s album which finds a sort of spirituality in the ever-increasing technological saturation of our day.

Read Melissa Broder’s R Minus Seven here and revisit our review of R Plus Seven after.