The fruits of a three-day recording session will finally see release on the house duo’s label this May.

Funkadelic legend George Clinton hooked up with Boston duo Soul Clap back in 2013 to lay down a handful of tracks at Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles, as we discovered last year. The results are now coming out on the DJ duo’s label as a four-track EP featuring an alternate mix of ‘First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate’ (which also appeared as the title track of 2014’s Funkadelic album, the outfit’s first in 30 years), plus two versions of ‘In Da Kar’, where Sly Stone provides his musical cameo.

Soul Clap’s Charlie Levine says he’d left the studio on a taco run when Sly dropped in. “When I got back Eli was just standing there frozen outside of Studio A like he’d just seen a ghost,” he says. “The energy in the studio was electric and as I turned the corner I stopped in my tracks… Funk legend Sly Stone had just dropped by to deliver a musical cameo, something that hadn’t happened in decades!”

The other players on the record are Sa’D “The Hourchild Ali”, G-Koop, Tonysha Nelson, Will “Digeridoo” Thoren & Crew Love members Nick Monaco and Navid Izadi.

The final track is ‘Peep This’ – hear that below.


A1 First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate (Samplecopydupeitandloopittostupid Mix)
A2 In Da Kar feat. Sly Stone (EFUNK Mix)
B1 Peep This feat. Nick Monaco, G Koop & Greg Paulus
B2 In Da Kar feat. Sly Stone (FSQ Remix)



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