Stream the latest Awful collaboration.

While nothing Awful Records has released is particularly bright and cheery, the music of Stalin Majesty remains some of the label’s grimmest, with the New York-born rapper living up to the title of his debut project Son of the Night.

After pairing with KeithCharles Spacebar for December’s Drowning Pool-referencing Death After Dusk EP, Stalin is back with Pitch Black, a collaboration with Dexter Dukarus (who just teamed with Slug Christ for an EP — these guys stay busy).

After talking about collaborating for a while, the pair were able to knock out the EP in a day. “[Dexter] made the beats on the spot and I wrote to ’em right then and there,” writes Stalin, who claims that while the EP can get a party going, “it’s far from the typical, happy go lucky, clubby, radio, bubble gum type shit.”

“It’s the whole “me against the world” and” fuck the world” type shit,” he explains, as his music continues to be a product of “having to deal with living in this cold world, filled with uncertainties and physical as well as emotional dangers.”

Pitch Black pairs Stalin’s island-informed lilt with Dexter’s moody and melodic trap beats — stream it in full below and buy it on Bandcamp.



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