The German producer has announced his first release for the label since 2011.

Matthias Reiling helped form the core of the Giegling imprint in its early days, releasing the label’s first two albums in 2010 and 2011. After the release of his Doppelgänger LP in 2011, Reiling turned his focus almost entirely to Session Victim – the two-person house and disco-leaning project that he forms alongside Hauke Freer. Giegling has since gone on to garner much attention for its releases from Vril, Traumprinz and Prince Of Denmark.

Matthias Reiling has announced his return to the Weimar-based label after a four year absence. Giegling will release Gefallt Mir Nicht Mehr next month, a six-track EP that collects four dusty, sample-based beats on the A-side with two minimal house cuts on the flip. You can hear clips over at Phonica.

Gefallt Mir Nicht Mehr will be released via Giegling on April 27. [via Juno Plus]


A1. Is Anybody There?
A2. Speechless
A3. On A Pale Horse
A4. Silverhope Rd
B1. Warm Down
B2. Outpace



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