Gobstopper continues its hot streak – well, as hot as a label can get that increasingly specialises in cold, lonely music.

Next up, on April 27, is the currently Leeds-based Iglew’s Urban Myth EP, Gobstopper’s second vinyl release after that Peace Edits 12″. Iglew didn’t grow up with a club scene around him, and tells FACT that he “like[s] thinking of music in terms of escapism, whether that’s delving into your own imagination when listening individually, or becoming part of a body of individuals having a collective listening experience (which in our time is often reinforced through the physical effects of amplified sound on our bodies). I hope this tune functions in both of those scenarios.

“‘Urban Myth’, to me, is an expression of a force beyond control, floating around in the concrete jungle, an unknown narrative unfolding as it interacts with the inhabitants. Any other opinion of what it represents is equally as valid though, that’s just what I see.”

We’re premiering Urban Myth‘s title track below. Pre-order the 12″ here and here.



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