The grimly funny follow up to You’re Next gets its own soundtrack release.

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s The Guest got a lot of attention for its licensed soundtrack last year. The combination of intense violence and 80s goth-pop was one of the best musical combinations since Drive. It wasn’t all Love & Rockets though, the film was also aided by an excellent, pulsing synthesizer score courtesy of Steve Moore.

Now the score will get its first vinyl release through Death Waltz. You’ll be able to pick it up from Mondo (who acquired Death Waltz last year) starting next week. Take a look at Alan Hynes’ exclusive artwork and the tracklist below.

h Waltz announces vinyl release of <i>The Guest</i> score

The Guest tracklist:

01. ‘Title’

02. ‘David’

03. ‘Some Gave All’

04. ‘The Guest’

05. ‘After School’

06. ‘Bar Fight’

07. ‘Day Break’

08. ‘KPG / The Deal, Part 1’

09. ‘The Deal, Part 2 / Grenades’

10. ‘The Guest Stalks’

11. ‘Good Luck / Anna & Luke’

12. ‘An Interesting Theory’

13. ‘Carver Arrives’

14. ‘Standoff / Too Many Complications / The Guest Escapes’

15. ‘He’s Not Who You Think He Is / The Diner’

16. ‘Back To School’

17. ‘Atmospheres 1 (Bonus)’

18. ‘Atmospheres 2 (Bonus)’

19. ‘Unused Chase Theme (Bonus)’



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