The giveaway also features last year’s Echo In the Valley mixtape.

Hemlock Recordings boss Untold has just announced an expanded version of last year’s surprise Echo In The Valley mixtape, which the producer is offering via a free BitTorrent bundle.

If you want to download it you’ll have to give Untold and BitTorrent your email address, but the deluxe version does come with three unreleased dancefloor tracks, including a VIP version of recent single ‘Doff’, a ‘Room mix’ of Black Light Spiral’s ‘Hobthrush’ and an unreleased track from 2010 called ‘Angry Hat’, which he says is “in a similar vein” to his classic tracks ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Stop What You’re Doing’. If you’ve ever fancied remixing Untold, then the bundle also features both the stems for ‘Hobthrush’ and the original samples used to create 2009’s ‘Anaconda’.

Created with the producer’s Eurorack modular setup, Echo In The Valley was originally released last year on a 2GB USB stick presented in a hand-finished, oil-stamped box tied with leather rope, which was lined with hand-cut Welsh slate. More recently, he launched Hemlock sub-label ORO with a Lord Skywave album in a glass jar.

You can download the bundle now at the BitTorrent website. [via RA]



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