The second volume highlights some of the scene’s lesser-known characters.

Last month Warp highlighted Lisbon’s rich underground dance scene on the first Cargaa EP, and now the label has announced a second volume to be released later this month.

As Warp explained previously, ‘Cargaa’ is a popular slang term among Lisbon’s young producers that roughly translates as “hot” and “heavy”, and is frequently used to describe their music on SoundCloud comments, mixes and track titles. While Cargaa 1 focused on some of the scene’s more high-profile names like DJ Marfox and DJ Nigga Fox, Cargaa 2 features emerging producers like DJ Lilocox, Nidia Minaj and DJ Big Vado.

The six-track EP will be released on May 18 – until then you can listen to DJ Firmeza’s ‘Somos Todos Malucos’ below, and revisit FACT’s interview with Lisbon’s Principe crew from 2013. [via RA]


A1. Alto Nivel Produções – Directamente
A2. Nidia Minaj – Pra Fechar
A3. DJ Lilocox – Tarraxo Electrico (RMX de DJ Maboku)
B1. Puto Anderson & Deejay NinOo – Gravidez
B2. DJ Big Vado ft. DJ Estraga – Camarate
B3. DJ Firmeza – Somos Todos Malucos



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