It’s the simplest drum machine you’ll ever use.

We’ve seen several browser-based instruments recently, including TB-303 emulator and even an RPG-synth hybrid. However, each of those has required at least some musical knowhow, making our latest discovery a bit more accessible for novices.

As its name suggests, Typedrummer is a drum machine that turns words from your keyboard into a rhythm. From what we can tell, each letter corresponds to a different percussive sound, and entering spaces will create a pause in the rhythm, so all you need to do to create complex rhythmic arrangements is enter a sentence. If you want to create a more regular beat, then simply find which letters correspond to the sounds you want and arrange into a repeating pattern. Once you’ve created a beat, you can share it with a custom URL.

You can try it out at the Typedrummer site, and if you want to play with a more traditional drum machine, then there’s one that packs four classic models in one browser. [via Hypetrak]



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