Stream the new EP from Eomac below.

Ian McDonnall is one of the few musicians who can list Merzbow and the Human League as influences on his music and you can actually hear where he’s coming from. That’s what he and his Lakker partner-in-crime Dara Smith said of their recent album Tundra, but it shows in his solo work as Eomac too. That ability to make the darkest techno sound so seductive made last year’s Spectre such a stunner, a quality his new EP Frozen Souls shares.

While McDonnall offers a gentler entry point with the woozy opening title track, he uses ‘Heretic’ and ‘Charon’ to weave noise and scraping beats into genuine dance floor bombs. That quality comes through even in the curation with the addition of Ontal, who reimagines the title track as a gradually building pressure cooker until all hell breaks loose in the middle.

Frozen Souls is out May 22 via Inner Surface Music. Stream it below and read our recent interview with Lakker.



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