A strange story about Kanye Quest 3030.

Kanye Quest 3030 is a PC-only RPG that dropped back in 2013; we hadn’t thought about it recently until Kanye teased plans for an ‘Only One’ video game. That was until video game site Kotaku analyzed a Pastebin uploaded anonymously earlier this year that discussed some hidden areas of the game that are strange, if not straight-up disturbing.

As discovered by the anonymous Pastebinner and recreated by the Kotaku writer, a specific sequence of in-game actions leads to dialogs that claim that “the game you were playing until this point was a ‘front’ constructed to protect what you are currently accessing.” It continues:

The following is a thought exercise designed to help teach you something beneficial. By undertaking this exercise, you will hopefully be affected in a positive way. Due to the nature of the exercise, this “something” cannot be revealed immediately. This exercise may or may not be restricted to this software. It is important to remember that the purpose of this exercise is to benefit you. You will not be timed. We cannot provide any more information, except that we wish you good luck. You may begin now. Welcome to your ascension.

The Pastebinner speculates that the game might have been part of an alternate-reality game (ARG) that was a recruitment tool for a cult, but the whole thing — the hidden parts of the game and the Pastebin itself — is a bit suspicious. Still, the game is still available to download if you want to see for yourself. [via Fader]



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