A new book chronicles the life and work of the krautrock pioneer and techno inspiration.

German guitarist Manuel Göttsching is the subject of a new biography published by Waveform. Written by Christian Wheeldon, who runs a blog dedicated to the artist’s career, the book covers Göttsching’s work with Ash Ra Tempel, The Cosmic Jokers and Ashra as well as his solo career, including his essential 1984 proto-techno album E2-E4.

Along with photos and memories from fans, the 156-page volume features contributions from Harald Grosskopf, Lutz Ulbrich, Steve Baltes, Joaquin Joe Claussell and Steve Hillage. You can order it from Wheeldon’s website.

Let Göttsching himself introduce you to his oeuvre in our Beginner’s Guide (which also comes in a watchable version) and watch him discuss E2-E4 and the birth of krautrock on FACT TV. [via The Wire]



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