Sbtrkt and his art director A Hidden Place have accused Disclosure for copying them with the artwork for their new album Caracal.

A caracal is a type of wildcat, which Disclosure’s Howard Lawrence says he “became fascinated with while on tour last year; I just love the way they look, their physical capabilities and their anonymity.” As well as giving the album its title, a caracal’s face adorns its cover.

According to A Hidden Place, that’s a little too close to the cover of Sbtrkt’s Wonder Where We Land, which features some kind of wildcat (an ocelot of sorts?) on its cover. In a series of tweets, he not only accuses Disclosure of ripping off the Wonder Where We Land cover, but several of Sbtrkt’s assets, including the song ‘Wildfire’ (Disclosure’s festival is called Wild Life), and the fact that Sbrtkt wears a mask (Disclosure pushed a face motif on their early singles, debut album Settle, and an app). “Used to think they were really cute wanting to be like Sbtrkt”, reads one tweet.

No comment from Disclosure yet, but Sbtrkt’s hands might not be clean either: it’s been noted before that the colour scheme for Wonder Where We Land is very similar to a poster for a Jacques Greene show. You can read all the tweets below [h/t disconaivete].




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