Thom Yorke is heading to Tokyo for his first Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes show.

The Radiohead singer will perform music from his second solo album at Hostess Club’s all-nighter at Summersonic Festival on August 15. The line-up also includes FFS (aka Franz Ferdinand and Sparks), Matthew Herbert, Spritualized, Jon Hopkins and Bo Ningen, so if you happen to be in Japan that weekend, it’s a hot ticket.

As CMU reports, Nigel Godrich confirmed on Twitter last week that he would be on hand “with some modern boxes” and that Tarik Barri would be providing visuals – we’re willing to be there’ll be more live dates announced soon. Find out more about the Japan show from Hostess Club.

Yorke has lately been working on an 18-day-long composition for Radiohead’s regular visual collaborator Stanley Donwood, and, less happily, has become the face of “marital and sexual problems in men”.

Find out what FACT’s Louis Pattison thought of Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, which was released via BitTorrent last September.



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