All the insane, psychedelic aggression of Lightning Bolt — now in video game form.

Though most know him for playing bass as one half of Lightning Bolt, Brian Gibson is also a talented video game designer. Through his work with Harmonix, Gibson has worked on both Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but in the background there’s always been Thumper. For years Gibson has worked on developing his own rhythm game — now he’s finally ready to show it off.

Just in time for E3, Gibson has unveiled the first trailer for Thumper, a “rhythm violence game” which will debut on PS4 and PC next year through his game company Drool. The clips bring to mind Harmonix’s first rhythm game he worked on, Amplitude, which provided an instrument-free blueprint for what would become some of the most successful games in history. Instead, Thumper moves in the opposite direction and looks as spartan and laser-focused as Lightning Bolt’s music. We’re sure Gibson’s work on the new Rock Band is impeccable, but between the awe-inspiring visuals and the crushing soundtrack, Thumper is the rhythm game we’re looking forward to.

You can watch the trailer for Thumper below and look for it at the E3 Expo this month. Stream Lightning Bolt’s new album Fantasy Empire after.



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