The Brooklyn Vinyl Works aims to “make record manufacturing more accessible”.

Arthur Russell collaborator and Sleeping Bag Records co-founder Will Socolov has launched a crowdfunding campaign to open a new vinyl pressing plant in Brooklyn.

The campaign is a reaction to the long wait times currently plaguing independent labels, and already has a location for the proposed plant, which will be called Brooklyn Vinyl Works. Socolov is looking for an additional $100,000 in crowdfunding to purchase and upgrade machinery including a new boiler, shrinkwrap machine, grinders and hydraulics equipment.

If successful, Brooklyn Vinyl Works will run 24 hours a day. Members of the public will also be able to visit the plant and watch the vinyl pressing process through a specially constructed glass wall.

Socolov has been working in the music industry since 1981, when he co-founded Sleeping Bag Records with Arthur Russell. Socolov also has previous experience in the vinyl pressing business – he owned and operated a vinyl pressing plant called EKS Manufacturing for 10 years whose previous clients include DFA Records, Sacred Bones and Mexican Summer.

If you want to back the project, you can do so at the Kickstarter campaign page. Rewards for backers range from a tour of the plant where you can witness a record press being restored to special edition prints of Arthur Russell, Mantronix and other Sleeping Bag artists.

It’s not the only bit of good news for the USA’s vinyl pressing industry – earlier this month two plants opened for business in Oregon and Vermont. [via The Vinyl Factory]



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