After several years of deliberation, Japan has ditched its ban on late night dancing.

The change in legislation was formalised by Japan’s House Of Councillors today (June 17), allowing clubs to now open past midnight if they meet certain conditions.

The 67-year-old anti-prostitution law, known as ‘fuzoku’ or ‘fueiho’, had weakened the country’s club culture in recent years, with venues typically subject to a 1am curfew and an effective ban on dancing. The law defined dance clubs as an “adult entertainment establishments” which required a special license and were required to close at midnight.

As Japan Times reports, under the new law, clubs equipped with lighting brighter than 10 lux will be able to apply to new licence which allows them to open for 24 hours. Clubs that fail to meet the lighting requirements will still be classed as an “adult entertainment business”, but will be allowed to open after midnight in certain locations.

Police will now have the job of measuring illumination in clubs’ seating areas. The new Fueiho laws come into effect in 2016. [via RA]



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