The festival takes place in Wales next year.

ATP has revealed that stand-up comic and occasional music writer Stewart Lee will be heading up the second of its revived holiday camp festivals at Pontins in Prestatyn, north Wales from April 15-17 2016.

“Of all the ATPs I’ve attended, the 2001 weekend, when Tortoise curated it and laid American free jazz, European improv noise, alternative country rock, alienating stand-up comedy, ambient electronica, eighties hardcore, seventies CBGBs nostalgia, smart-arse post punk, Dutch anarcho-jazz and all manner of unexpected cross-currents on curious young people remains a pivotal point in my musical education,” Lee said in a statement. “It’s a great honour to be allowed to attempt something similar. Bring a bucket, spade, swimwear and an open mind.

The line-up hasn’t been announced yet, but the star of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, This Morning With Richard Not Judy and writer of Jerry Springer: The Opera is a noted fan of everything from John Cage to The Fall.

The event is the second to take place since ATP marked the end of its famed run of holiday camp festivals in 2013. Dubbed ATP 2.0, the first will be curated by the Chapman Brothers and takes place in November 2015 – it follows the controversial cancellation of the company’s Jabberwocky festival last summer.

Tickets are available now from the ATP website.



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