Image via: Synthtopia

Most of the attention placed on Roland recently has been for its digital Aira line, but its latest piece of gear is a compact analog monosynth.

The limited edition synth is a special Aira-coloured version of Japanese manufacturer Reon’s own Driftbox, and was commission to demonstrate Roland’s SBX-1 Sync Box released last year. It’s got CV/gate inputs, making it ideal for those who want to plug it in to other similarly equipped gear.

In what’s an uncharacteristic move for Roland, the Driftbox-R has arrived with no fanfare whatsoever. Synthtopia reports that it has appeared only at retail websites, with no presence on Roland’s website as yet.

The Driftbox-R can be bought now at a price of $499. If you can’t wait, check out FACT’s list of the 13 best affordable, pocket-sized synths.

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